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Another Olympic Gold!


That was a lot of pink knitting!

This is Landon, by Jordana Paige.  I started it in October of 2008.  I’m not really sure why I abandoned it because I liked it right from the start.  The yarn is Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed Aran.  It has a little bit of angora in it, so it has a nice halo.  I made a lot of changes to the pattern.  First of all, it’s stockinette instead of reverse stockinette.  That’s personal preference.  Also, in the original pattern, the bottom band is knit separately and sewn on.  That just wasn’t happening.  I also did the cuffs the same, instead of knitting and sewing on cuffs.  The original pattern had large, bell sleeves.  I knew they would drive me crazy, so I made mine fitted.

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with this cardigan.  It will probably be a knock-around-wear-with-jeans sweater.  And it’s really warm, which isn’t a great thing.  I’m always hot.

My goal is to finish one more sweater.  I don’t really even like it, but the whole thing is moss stitch, and it comes almost to my ankles. That is too much knitting to abandon.  All I have left is to finish the sleeves and knit a bunch of hexagons down one front.

I’ve watched a lot of Olympic coverage the last several days.  Hockey has been a lot of fun, as has figure skating.  I’m not going to know what to do with myself when Monday rolls around and the Olympics are over.  I’m sure my hands will be ready for a break.  I think I’ll switch to spinning, with maybe a little quilting thrown in for variety.  Oh, and laundry!


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7 thoughts on “Another Olympic Gold!

  1. Gorgeous, as usual! I love the pin on the pink sweater. Where do you find such things? I can’t wait to see the “long” sweater with the hexagons. You are amazing.

  2. they both look like incredible sweaters! You ask a good question – what WILL we do next week?

  3. It looks very pretty.

  4. That is a lovely looking sweater. I like your modifications to making the ‘bands’ part of the body knitting…I it makes sense to me to make as few pieces as practical.

  5. What a gorgeous sweater! And the color is just beautiful, as the cabled edging. I hope you post a picture of yourself (or someone) modeling it. I never thought of a sweater without buttons or a zipper. Love it!

  6. Nice adjustments to the pattern – sweater should be practical after all. The one with the hexagons is beyond amazing. Please give us more photos when you finish it. Happy knitting… the Olympics is perfect for knitting, been stash busting myself.

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