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Damask Kauni: The Whole Story


In 2007, the knitting world was introduced to Kauni yarn.  It’s this very cool, bright yarn with long color runs.  Ruth Sorensen did this gorgeous sweater and it took the knitting world by storm.  I spotted it and tracked down the yarn.

I don’t even remember any more how I came up with my idea, but I decided to use Ruth’s pattern, which is still free, and use the Damask chart from Dale of Norway for the colorwork.  On September 24, 2007, I did this post.  I put it on Ravelry and it got quite a bit of attention.  Then The Rainey Sisters linked that post and it went crazy.

I got so many requests for the pattern, but it was from Dale of Norway and was out of print.  Someone actually blew up this photo and charted it.  Now I think it’s readily available, but I’m not sure where.

I worked on the sweater a couple of times in 2008, and once in 2009, but I knew it was going to be way too small, and I just shoved it in the back of the cupboard.

In January, I decided that my Olympic knitting was going to be to finish some cardigans, so I dug Damask Kauni out.  All I had left was to finish one sleeve and do the second sleeve.  Seriously!!!!  It sat in a cupboard for five years because of that.

Drumroll……here she is!

I bribed Miss In Charge to do a photo shoot for me.  Lets just say we’re going shopping tomorrow.

I think it might be one of the coolest things I’ve ever knit, but all I feel is relief that it’s finally finished.

I did a picot hem on the hem  and on the sleeves.  I should have gone down a needle size on the cuffs, but I was too lazy to hunt for smaller needles.

I actually don’t mind that little bit of flare.

One side note.  If you buy the rainbow Kauni now, the gold is much more bright yellow.  I really like the older colors better.  The other thing to note if you knit with this yarn is to make sure that when you start knitting, make sure the two colors are opposite on the color wheel.  Some colors together just make it look muddy.

Yep!  My model got a bit goofy!

So there are two days of Olympic knitting left.  I need to get back to my knitting.  I have my third project almost finished.  I do have lots to watch this weekend.  There’s the last of the Olympics and Sunday is the Daytona 500.  Woo!  Hoo!!!  See you next week when I shut the tv off!


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17 thoughts on “Damask Kauni: The Whole Story

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  2. Bravo! I say that you should win Olympic Gold for this one! Congratulations on your finish. You have a great model there, too!

  3. GORGEOUS! And totally worth the wait. Another masterpiece from our Maria!

  4. Just totally amazingly gorgeous, that is all!!!

  5. LOVE the Damask sweater, Maria! It is gorgeous! Your daughter is a very lucky girl to have such a beautiful knitted sweater!

  6. What a gorgeous sweater!! Beautiful colors and pattern! I would never have the patience (I don’t think, as yet). Your daughter is a very beautiful young lady and such a natural model! Perfect combo.

  7. Oh. Wow. I. Love. This! I so wish that the yarn with the golden yellow was still available and I could hunt the pattern, I would so love to knit this for myself! It’s stunning be proud!

  8. Your sweater is gorgeous—I have had the yarn for it, along with a copy of the Dale pattern, for many years, but I haven’t knit it yet. To be honest, it’s on my “Things I’m Going to Knit if I Ever Lose a Boatload of Weight” list.

  9. how do you do your floats? Do you catch every other stitch, every 3rd? No catch, just floats? I’ve been doing a bit of stranded projects lately, having trouble deciding which is best.

  10. So who gets the sweater? This was the post that brought me to your blog. It blew me away. So happy you finished it!

  11. Wow, no wonder it got attention all those years ago. It looks amazing.

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  13. I loved reading about your knitting journey to produce this incredible sweater. It looks great on you. I get a smile on my face just thinking about all the pleasure you will get from this sweater as the years go by and how great the memories of your process will be for you.

  14. Hey, it is not only one thing I’m knitting for 7 years.
    Excellent product, a combination of colors, thanks for the story of the creation of such beauty. Greetings from Russia. Lena.

  15. I’ve got to tell you, this is the most beautiful cardigan I’ve ever seen! Now, in 2017, you’ve started the Kauni Damask craze in me and I’ll be making a similar cardigan, too! I was wondering, did you start with the picot hem on the bottom straightaway? Did you use a solid colour, or was it simply the first colour that was on the ball of Kauni yarn you started with?

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