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Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards

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Ok, here’s the money shot!  Here are all three of the sweaters I finished during the Olympics.  Two out of three of them fit me.  That’s better than nothing!


On the left, receiving the gold medal, is Damask Kauni.  On the right is Landon.  I received the bronze medal.  In the center is my Hex Coat, the only one I haven’t blogged.  I gave it the silver medal because I’ve already worn it.

The Hex Coat is a pattern by Norah Gaughan, the design director at Berroco.  She always does stuff that nobody else tries.  In this case, it’s the hexagons all the way around the front of the sweater.

My sweater is knit with Noro Silver Thaw, a beautiful, lightweight yarn that’s now discontinued.  I’m not sure why, but I made this thing almost down to my ankles.  In moss stitch.  No wonder I don’t remember much about knitting it.  Anyway, I started it in 2006.  Before the Olympics started, I decided this was one cardigan I wanted to finish.  I though it was kind of ugly, but the body was done as well as almost half of the hexagons.  And the sleeves were started.

I studied the pattern to re-educate myself, and started knitting.  I was sure the sleeve caps were not going to be right.  I decided I’d give them one shot, and if they were awful to set in, this was going to become a vest.  As you can see, they worked perfectly.  I finished it on Saturday night and wore it to church on Sunday.

This sucker is warm!!!  I felt like I was wearing a sheep.  It’s easy to wear though because it’s light weight and for some strange reason, the hexagons hold the front where it needs to be.  (Yes, I’m pretty sure there’s a breast joke in there somewhere!)

The only thing I don’t love is that the stripes are way narrower across the back, and that probably doesn’t do anything for my derriere.  It doesn’t bother me that much though because I can’t see it and My Hero is too nice to tell me it looks like a robe.

Since the Olympics finished, I’ve been doing some spinning.  And I’m pulling out more old projects to knit.  More on that soon!

I need to finish packing.  Yes, I live in Minnesota, land of snow, cold, wind, and blizzards.  Yes, My Hero and I are going someplace warm.  Yes, he’s working most of the time.  No, the kids aren’t coming along.  Oh, Superblonde is coming to see us for the weekend, but she’s bringing knitting so it’s ok.

I promise I’ll have another post before April.  Actually, I think I’ll write it now, to post in a few days.  That’s really the only way I get stuff done!  I write brilliant blog posts in my head!



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One thought on “Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards

  1. Beautiful sweaters! Certainly deserve medals. Wishing you lots of sun, warmth, rest and relaxation on your trip. Unfortunately, I’m still stuck here in northern MN…..don’t blame you for getting away!

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