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Spinning On Vacation

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What???  You don’t take a spinning wheel on vacation?  How very strange.  More on that in a minute.

My Hero and I are in Florida.  He’s being educated, and I’m goofing off.  Does that mean he’s smarter than I, or was I already smarter, and therefore don’t need more education?  Anyway…

Superblonde spend the weekend with us.  She and I goofed off while My Hero was in school, and then we’d go out for dinner at night.  On Saturday, we had some serious fun.

It’s really easy to go to Epcot with just one kid.  It was a fabulous day.  Except for dinner.  We had reservations to eat at China.  We were surrounded by screaming, hysterical toddlers…and their parents.  It was 8 PM and they were tired.  Both the parents and the toddlers.  It was almost impossible to have a conversation.  Fortunately, the food was decent.

We decided that rather than carry around jackets all day, we’d just get new sweatshirts at the end of the day.  And no, we didn’t get matching ones.

When she was a little girl, Superblonde sounded like Minnie Mouse and when she got excited, we called her Minnie Mouse on Helium.  So this sweatshirt is very appropriate.

Superblonde headed back to school today.  I took her to the airport this morning at 5 AM.  Yes, I went back to bed!!!  I did finish spinning this when I woke up.

It’s not quite that bright in real life.  It’s going to look like the sunset when I ply it this afternoon.

Here is some spinning I did on Thursday night when we got here.  I had some black wool with little bits of red in it.  The tag was gone, so I don’t know what it was.  Suffice it to say, it was kind of yucky, with felted bits in it.  I then plied it with some leftover merino silk from the yarn in this post.

I actually really like it now.  I have 180 yards.  It might make a nice hat, except that I never wear hats.

My Hero is done with school at the end of the day, and then we have a couple of days to actually hang out.  We can actually have a conversation without a teenager around.  I’m looking forward to it.  After almost 28 years, I still really like the guy.

And now, this ice cold Minnesotan needs to head outside to soak up some Florida sunshine.



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  1. go on, rub it in. soak up the sunshine.

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