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A Perfect Snow Day


I’m a happy girl today!  We’re hanging out at my second favorite place in the whole world.  (My favorite place is at home!)  My Hero and I and all of our kids are here, as well as my sister and her family.

Where are we, you ask???  Big Sky, Montana.  Yesterday was a gorgeous, blue sky day, but today it’s snowing like crazy.  According to the forecast, we were supposed to get 1-3 inches today.  We’ve already had well over a foot of snow and it’s supposed to snow all night.  The skiers and snowboarders are pretty excited for tomorrow.

I did a fun project today.  I knit earrings.

I purchased a book called Betsy Beads: Confessions of a Left Brained Knitter.  There are a lot of projects in the book that I’m really excited to make.  Before we left on vacation, I went through the book and grabbed some beads and yarn to try a few things.  

I used leftover Handmaiden Sea Silk and some seed beads.  They’re just strips knit with beads and then sewn on some cheap hoops.  I wasn’t sure if they were going to be “craft nerdy” or really cool.  I’ve decided I like them.

The rest of the knitting projects I took along are all handspun.  I’ll post more in a few days.  Right now I need to go stare at the snow.


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5 thoughts on “A Perfect Snow Day

  1. The earrings are very cute. They look “iridescent”, kind of… Are they heavy? Have fun in Montana…

  2. not nerdy. Very fun!

  3. I just got the Elements of Style book by Romi Hill and I’m dying to make some jewelry. I also got a kit to make some knitted wire earrings as a Christmas gift, so I am ready. I love your earrings, so cute!

  4. Cute earrings! I wonder if you could do them with I-cord instead and eliminate the sewing? (While I love to sew fabric, I hate to sew knitting. Go figure.) Enjoy the snow and the beautiful scenery.

  5. Your beautiful earrings are on the home page on Ravelry congrats!

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