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Lazy Days and Snowstorms


So…it’s April.  We’re supposed to get 6-10 inches of snow overnight.  I’m thinking that may translate into a snow day for the kids tomorrow.  And that’s ok, because we’ve been busy and it would be nice to have a lazy day.

I’ve been industrious for part of the morning.  I did get my closet cleaned up.  I don’t know why I procrastinate on emptying my suitcase (a college visit for Dreamboy) and putting away laundry.  But it’s done.

Now I’m sitting on my unmade bed with my sidekick and my new coffee mug.

The quilt is actually the back side of my Christmas quilt.  I have a new quilt ready for my bed.  It just needs binding.  Yeah, binding.

So let me tell you about my mug.  It’s done by Jennie The Potter.  I’ve been trying to get one of her mugs for at least five years.  I finally caught one of her Etsy updates.  I got this mug with the red skein of yarn.  There’s a black sheep on the other side of the mug.  I also got a mug with a blue tandem bike on it.  My Hero and I bought a blue tandem the first year we were married.  We still have it 28 years later and it’s in great shape!

Yes, the mug does make my coffee taste even better.  The Cold Stone creamer doesn’t hurt either.  And yes, Georgie Girl loves coffee too!

I suppose you’re wondering what’s up with the beads in the last post.  I’ve never done a wordless post before and it almost killed me.  I like to talk.  I purchased a kit from Betsy Harshberger.  (She also has a new book out and it’s fabulous!!!  I talked about it here!)  I sat down Monday afternoon and a few hours later, I had this!


This was a really fun project and it looks so elegant on!  The kit contains everything you need to make the project except the size 1 knitting needles.  Now that I’ve made one, I’m going to have to do more.  It would be fun in bright colors as well.  If you don’t want to invest in a kit, you can purchase just the pattern from Betsy.  Also included in the pattern is a tutorial on how to string the beads.  Once I got started, it was pretty simple!

Since my unmade bed reminded me of my new quilt, I’m going to go sew the binding on it.  A night of snow and handstitching might just be the perfect combination.


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3 thoughts on “Lazy Days and Snowstorms

  1. I love my Jennie the Potter turquoise yarn ball and sheep mug! I also have one of her yarn bowls that works great!

  2. I’m praying against snow, tonight. I’m praying really hard. If we lose ANOTHER Choir rehearsal to snow, we’re going to have to sing Christmas Music on Good Friday. I don’t think Pastor Keith will like that.
    I loved the “necklace.” I looked and looked for your “words.” I figured there was a problem with the post. The idea of you sending a picture with no words was just wrong in my mind…

  3. Great post! I’m all for lazy days. Or at least, days when I can do as I please, no duties, no commitments. Your necklace is just gorgeous! Love your little puppy on the bed with you. Very cozy. We didn’t get the 6-12″ predicted last night; maybe about 4″. Let’s hope that is definitely the last of it! Have a great weekend; good weather’s coming!

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