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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Wednesday’s Wanderings


Where have I been since April 3 when I did my last blog post?  I’m not really sure.  All that I know is that in one week we had a band concert, annual meeting, choir concert, and a fundraiser dinner at our school that my sister and I were in charge of.

Then last week, we spent five days at my parents house for Easter.  That was fun and relaxing.  The weather was nice so we spent some time sitting on their patio.  Of course there was knitting involved!  I had a birthday while we were there, so Mom took me birthday shopping and out for lunch.

We got home at 1 AM yesterday, and by 9 AM, my sister and I were heading out to pick out stuff for her kitchen remodel.

I have big plans for today that include unpacking my suitcase and picking out desserts for Dreamboy’s graduation party.  And I have to bind this off:

I’ll give you all the details when it gets it glamour shots!  I’ve put off the bindoff because it’s not just a basic bindoff.  It’s a modified picot bindoff and I actually have to rub brain cells together to do it.  I started last night and quickly realized I was way too tired to make a go of it.

I do have one finish to show off.  I finally, after 17 years, have a new taupe and white quilt on my bed.

Now if I’d just clean up all the yarn and stuff that’s dumped all over my room…….


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2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Wanderings

  1. Beautiful quilt…what pattern or book?

  2. Happy Birthday!

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