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I Should Have Procrastinated!!!

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So, in my last post I told you how happy I was to have all my planting done?

Yeah!  As it turns out, I should have procrastinated.

Every pot that could be moved into the house has taken up residence in my kitchen.  And there are sheets and beach towels covering everything that couldn’t be moved.  It was supposed to freeze last night.  I don’t think it did, but I didn’t want to take that chance.  I think they’re staying inside until Friday.  Oh, well!

In other news, I blocked the Coat of Many Colors at 3:00 AM on Tuesday!

It was dry this morning, so my next project is to seam it.  That won’t take long.  As cold as it is in the morning, I could probably wear it!!!

And, because it’s been a very long winter here, I have more flower photos.  They’re my flowers from My Hero for Mother’s Day.

I didn’t notice until I uploaded the photo, but one of Dreamboy’s grad photos is in the bottom right hand corner.

The roses in this bouquet are amazing!

Gotta go!  I have a sweater to finish!


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