Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Knit Swirl!


I love color!  And I particularly love it when it’s combined well!  (All the photos are a bit bright.  It’s been a long time since we’ve had sun.  My hair isn’t really that orange.  I hope!)

I finished my Coat of Many Colors.  In 17 days.  I’m not sure I’ve ever been so addicted to a knitting project.

I purchased the kit last fall when I was in Friday Harbor, Washington with my mom and The Genius.  I kept thinking about starting it, but if you’ve seen the book, the pattern looked pretty daunting.

About three weeks ago, I saw a woman wearing hers and I couldn’t believe how gorgeous it was.  I went home and wound the yarn and started knitting.

As it turns out, this sweater was really easy to knit.  Once I got started, I read stupid novels on my Kindle while I knit.  The only thing that was a pain was on every other welt, the colors changed ever other row and I spit spliced each color change.  It was well worth it, because when I was finished, I had three ends to weave in and you can’t find where it was.

And it twirls!!!  I remember when my girls were little, they loved twirly dresses.

Pattern:  Coat of Many Colors by Sandra McIver from the Knit, Swirl book.

Yarn:  Mountain Colors Twizzle.  It was a kit with 11 skeins of yarn in it.  The colorway is Clematis.

Needles:  Size 5.  I had to go down two sizes to get gauge.

And, just for fun, here’s how it looked when it was blocking.

I already have plans to knit three more of these.  I want to knit one with Noro Silk Garden.  I also have the yarn to do an Emerald Green one with Sundara yarn.  I never knit a pattern twice, so now you know how much I enjoyed this project.

It looks like it’s going to be raining for the third Monday in a row.  Perfect for napping this afternoon, since it’s 5:30 AM and I’m awake.

Have a great week!


Author: mariajhmom

I'm a wife, mom, quilter, knitter, and spinner. I blog at

7 thoughts on “Knit Swirl!

  1. Beautiful coat. Great job. Love the colors.

  2. Gorgeous!

    You and the swirl coat!

  3. Beautiful !

  4. Very nice! Glad you got a sunny day for the photos. 🙂

  5. I LOVE that sweater! I’ll tell my daughter. Maybe she’ll make one for me!

  6. Fabulous! And it fits you perfectly.

  7. Awesome!

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