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Vacation Knitting

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One of my favorite things about vacations is all the time to knit.  After all, a vacation is the time to not do all the mundane, life things that we normally have to do.  I did do some cooking on our vacation, but I don’t mind that job.

I worked on five different projects on our vacation.  One is ongoing, and I’ll try to remember to blog it soon.  I did finish a baby dress, but I really need to wet block it and get a button on it.  I worked on a top for myself and I’m on the boring stockinette body part now.  It did work great for the car rides when I didn’t want to miss the scenery.

I did knit two shawls with my handspun.  The first is the Sochi Shawl, a really neat free pattern.

I started with this fiber from JulieSpins.

I wanted it to be a gradient yarn, so I spun it end to end and navajo plied it.  It became this.

I only had 250 yards to work with, but I got a decent size wrap out of it.

The second project I did began with this fiber from Bee Mice Elf.

I ended up with this two ply yarn.

I really enjoyed spinning these and I love the finished product even more.

This is Cladonia by Kirstin Kapur of Through The Loops.  I had to eliminate some rows on the body because I ran out of yarn, but it worked just fine!

I really love the lace border.  I did a different picot bind off than what was in the pattern.  The yarn was merino and the shawl ended up really soft and light weight.  It will be fun to wear this winter.

This is going to be a crazy week.  I need to do a mountain of laundry today.  Dreamboy and Superblonde have been in Haiti, helping out at an orphanage for the last week.  They get home tonight, and Superblonde leaves for college tomorrow.  And then it’s time to start getting Dreamboy ready for college.  This summer absolutely flew by.  I can’t even believe how quickly my kids are turning into real adults!  I kinda like it.


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One thought on “Vacation Knitting

  1. Love everything about this — including the kids going to Haiti.
    The knitting and yarns are gorgeous…

    If you ever give up one of your many activities, please don’t let it be your blog!

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