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The First 2015 Finishes!


I just finished the two dumbest projects ever!!!!!  Not because they’re not really nice things, but because they took so long.

I think I quilted this quilt 10 years ago.

It’s an old Moda Christmas line that included a panel with each letter of the alphabet.  I quilted it soon after I got my longarm, which may have been about 2004.

I finished stitching the binding this morning.  Good grief!  How lame is that?  So, it’s packed away in the quilt closet, ready for Christmas of 2015.  I’m pretty sure I had it on the bed in the bus one year.  I guess I used it without the binding being stitched down.

My other dumb finish is a sweater for My Hero.

The reason it’s dumb is that I think I started it about 8 years ago.  I worked on it about a year ago, and then put it away with part of one sleeve left to complete.  That’s really dumb!  I even had the seaming done on one side before I abandoned it.  So I finished it on Saturday while hanging out at my sisters house.

It’s a really nice sweater and the neckline finishing is probably some of the best I’ve ever done.  The yarn is Debbie Bliss Cotton Denim Aran, and it’s long discontinued.  I loved knitting with it though and I love the sweater.  I may have to pick up stitches at the bottom and knit ribbed band.  It seems like it may be a little short.  I’ll have My Hero try it on and then decide.

I’m actually home alone for a while today.  I’m going to enjoy it by cleaning my kitchen.  (That was sarcasm.  I don’t really enjoy cleaning anything!)  I need some order in my life!!!  After that, I’m heading for my sewing room to do a little cleanup before it gets out of control again.  And then I may work at finishing up a couple of quilts that are nearly done.

And…I have leftover ham, so I think some wild rice soup is on the menu.

I’ll be back soon with some weaving that The Genius did, and a finish for me.


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4 thoughts on “The First 2015 Finishes!

  1. Boy, you have every right to feel very proud of yourself – a 10-yr old beautiful quilt “finished” and an 8-yr old sweater “finished”. I have a few “dumb” ones myself, but right now I’m trying to hurry and get a baby blanket finished before baby arrives!!

  2. Also meant to comment on the quilt – what a beautiful pattern and looks like a professional made this one!! It’ll be hard to wait all year to use it, won’t it?

  3. They’re done so it really doesn’t matter how long they took! Great job!

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