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She’s Here!!!


In my last post, I mentioned we were going to have a big day yesterday.  Here’s why!

This is Lola.  She’s an f1b goldendoodle.  Her mom is a full size black standard poodle and her dad is a goldendoodle.  She won’t shed and she’s very laid back.

She’s also going to be very big!  Look at those long legs and big paws.  Her dad is 65 pounds, but she and one of her brothers are the biggest of the litter so we’ll see…..

She slept in her kennel on our bed last night and did very well.  It has to be traumatic, going from sleeping in a pile with four soft, cuddly siblings, to being all by yourself.  She’s hanging out in her kennel in my sewing room this morning.  I feel bad containing her, but kennel training is the way to go if we want her potty trained quickly!

This was after playing really hard with her new family last night.  Georgie, our 7 year old bichon is scared of her, but she’s now growling at her any more.  We’ll just give it a few days.

And now I’m going to go sew for a few minutes.  These play times and potty breaks take time!

Oh!  I almost forgot.  Photos are compliments of G Hanson Photography.  Yes, that’s Miss In Charge.


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5 thoughts on “She’s Here!!!

  1. Aaaahhh…….so cute! I have 2 golden retrievers and the shedding is awful. I’m thinking a golden doodle might be in my future. And crate training is the way to go.

  2. What a cutie!!!!! And I love the name “Lola.” When I got my Yorkie, she was seven weeks old and the breeder told me she was partially housebroken. I thought that was the craziest thing I had ever heard, but she had been feeding Hannah and then watching her. About 20-30 minutes after she ate or drank, she would start looking for a spot. At that point, the breeder would put her in a cardboard box lined with newspaper. Pretty soon, Hannah started going over to the box when she needed to potty. I had brought her home by then, and I would take her outside when I saw her near the box. I was shocked, but it worked. I don’t think that would work with a bigger dog, but for a puppy that weighed less than a pound, it was a very quick way to housetrain. That was eons ago—Hannah will be 14 in April. I have thought about getting a second dog, but I think it would wig her out too much—I think she really enjoys being an only child. (She still weighs less than five pounds.)

  3. Very cute!! And I totally agree that crate training is the way to go!!

  4. Cute! Poor Georgie though. Such a giant interloper to have in the house. Goldendoodles are really sweet.

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