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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

I Love Cherries!


I’ve always loved cherries.  Almost 29 years ago, I picked out a dress for our rehearsal dinner.  I only ever bought clothes that were on sale, but this dress was expensive.  Anybody remember Carole Little?  Anyway, it was white with cherries on it.  My dad actually went with me and bought it.  It was a great dress!

Fast forward to last week.  I had to make this!

This is Mini Cherry Pie from Fig Tree & Co.  I pulled some fabric scraps, and by the next day it was pieced, quilted, bound, washed and dried, and hanging in my sewing room.  I found the cute little shelf on clearance at Target.  And yes, I love wild wallpaper!

I also finished a spinning project.  I think I started spinning this in November.  I was going to leave it as singles, but I hate single ply yarn.  I just have to remind myself of that occasionally.

It’s a little bit under plyed for my taste, but I may just be too lazy to fix it.

Speaking of single ply yarn, I have another weaving fail.  I chose an alpaca, wool yarn to weave, and it has problems!

I had a terrible time working it through the lease sticks.  See how fuzzy it’s getting.  I’m starting to break ends.  I’m going to go as far as I can with this.  Maybe I’ll at least get a couple of pillows out of it.  No more singly ply yarn for me!!!  My only consolation is that it would have made a horrible sweater.  It would have pilled the first time I wore it. Now it’s out of my stash.

By the way, if you’re a weaver, you probably just groaned and said, “Well, duh”!  Please feel free to offer advice in the comments.  I won’t be offended.  This weaving thing is kicking my butt!

I’ve been spending the bulk of my time in my sewing room, because it’s the easiest place to contain this little girl.

I actually heard myself say, “Lola!  Don’t eat the sewing machine”.  She was quite interested in the foot pedal cord.  She listens well, but has to be watched all the time.  Todays lesson was to not chew on my knitting.  She is the sweetest little thing and hates being scolded.  It will all take time!

And now it’s bed time for me.  Having  toddler in the house again is hard work!

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3 thoughts on “I Love Cherries!

  1. Since the warp threads are under tension on the loom and they get allot of abrasion from the heddles and reed, you want a tightly plied, sturdy yarn for the warp, but almost anything goes for weft. (Singles also stretch more under tension.) Look for coned yarn on Webs’ website, or the Yarn Barn of Kansas. Allot of weavers use Henry’s Attic. I have also bought kits from Halcyon yarns and Yarn Barn of Kansas. I think it’s hard to buy stuff online sometimes when you can’t see & touch it and you aren’t sure what you are doing. With the kits, you at least can be confident that you are using the right threads for your project. Brown Sheep also sells their yarns on cones. Lola is so dear—are you going to spin yarn from her hair?

  2. lol I know nothing about weaving, but I do know that alpaca pills!

    our almost three year old cat ate my yarn the other night. I was casting on, long tail, and as always, she was chasing the circular needles. I did not notice she was also chewing on the yarn. I got everything cast on and found I had no more yarn! She had chewed right through the end attached to the skein. Glad I was just starting out!

  3. I love your mini quilt and your puppy. We just got a new puppy on Sunday. We are now a three dog household (yikes). I also hate single ply yarn. Good luck on the weaving.

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