Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

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A Day in Oz

Where do I even start?  Yesterday was such a surreal day!

I guess I’ll just start at the beginning.  Ten months ago, we moved The Genius to California.  She had a 12 week internship with a Visual Effects company.  After about 8 weeks of the internship, they hired her for a project.  That project was Oz The Great and Powerful.  Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend a pre screening of the movie with her.  Of course, I’m not able to give away any secrets, but I liked it and thought it was really fun!

When we got to the Sony theater, they had green cotton candy, in honor of the green witch.  The big question of the movie is which witch ends up being the wicked witch.

I know the answer and I’m not telling!!!

I haven’t been to a movie in ten years, so it took my daughter getting a job here to make me attend a movie.  The very best part for me was watching the credits and seeing her name.  Not bad for her first project out of college, huh?  It’s only the big Disney movie of the year!

After the show we went out for dinner with The Genius’ coworkers.  She is so blessed to work with such fun, creative, crazy people!!!

And yes, there has been knitting.  I spent part of the last week in Orlando with My Hero.  We had two days to goof off.  One day was spent sitting at the pool.  It was breezy and cool and we both ended up with sunburn.  Of course My Hero looks like he’s been in Hawaii for two weeks.  He just tans, even with sunscreen.

I had an additional two days to do nothing while My Hero worked.  I knit.  And knit.  And knit some more.

This is Flyaway.  The yarn is Miss Babs Yowza.   The sleeves are finished and now I’m just adding length to the bottom.  I’m not sure how long I’ll make it, but I have plenty of yarn.  It’s just a matter of slogging through it.  I’ll have plenty of time to knit because I’m staying with The Genius for over a week.  She’s having eye surgery (nothing serious) but I’m playing nurse.

So…Oz: The Great and Powerful is in theaters this Friday, March 8th.  Go check it out!  Oh, and there’s lots of fun stuff on the Disney website as well.   My Hero also found an iPad app that’s kinda fun too.  And it’s free.

No, I’m not being paid to advertise Oz.  Our family is just a little Oz crazy right now!

And now, back to knitting my Flyaway Cardigan.


It’s Miss Babs Month!!!!

Since January is really cold here in Minnesota, I decided to rename it Miss Babs Month!

It started by accident.  My first finish of the month was Brickless, knit with Yowza.  I was part of the Miss Babs Knitting Tour.  Every other month we “traveled” to somewhere new.  We got a booklet with a trip itinerary, recipes, and some photos of our location.  Along with it we got yarn and a pattern.  The last location we visited vicariously was Berlin.

This was a fun, easy knit and I love the yarn Yowza.  And look at the color!!!

I’m only doing two clubs this year.  One is Socks that Rock and the other is the Miss Babs knitting tour.  She’s doing signups right now.  Go for it!

The next week, I got the stomach flu, and once I was feeling well enough to sit around and knit, I decided I wanted to work on my Shrine Road Shawl.  (I blogged it, but it fits the theme so you have get to see it again.)  This is also knit with Yowza.

A few days later, The Feisty Knitter  posted some yarn on her blog and made the comment that she had no idea what she was going to do with it.  I jokingly commented that she should sell it to me.  To make a not very long story short, I now own the yarn and its……

…..wait for it…..


When the yarn showed up at my house Ms Feisty sent it in a really cool knitting bag made with fabric with cherries on it.  I love anything with cherries!!  I meant to take a photo of it, but I forgot.  It made my day.

The pattern is called Flyaway.  It’s a simple top down sweater with some cables added.

Then the last shipment of my knitspot club showed up yesterday.  Guess where the yarn came from?   What?  Miss Babs?  Why, yes it did!  The yarn is Alpacacita, an alpaca and silk blend.  It’s laceweight and so very soft!  The pattern is a beautiful lace stole.  I just got a few rows done last night.

The color is way off on this photo.  It has a coral tint that I’m not seeing in real life.  It has a more lavender tint to it.  Anyway, it’s going to be a fun project.  There are nups in the pattern, which I hate, but I’ll just replace them with beads.  No problem!

And just in case I finish all of that, I did order yarn when I signed up for the Miss Babs club.  This is Tierno, a DK weight alpaca silk.  I already have a cardigan in mind for this.

At the quilting and knitting retreat this weekend, I also sucked my friend J into my Yowza addiction.  She bought some from me and is knitting Cassidy with hers.

And that is how it got to be Miss Babs month!  Maybe I should do this every year!!!

Oh, and Miss Babs knows nothing about this blog post and my addiction!  I did it all on my own, because I’m a happy customer.

And now I have to go get ready for a birthday party.  Superblonde turned 19 today.  She’s away at college.  And Miss In Charge turned 14 today.  She’s partying at our house tonight!!!  Yes, two birthdays on the same day.

And then I shall knit!!!