Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn


An Adventure

I’ve been really quiet on the blog for a while.  Again.  I’ve been doing lots of fun stuff.  There are at least three blog posts floating around in my head.  I guess I’ll just start with one.

Mom and I attended The Loopy Ewe Fall Fling in Ft. Collins, Colorado last week.  (The owner of the shop, Sheri, blogged about it here.)  Mom and I met up in Denver last Wednesday and drove up to Ft. Collins.  On Wednesday night, we attended an event featuring Stephanie Pearl McPhee.  Yes, she is hilarious!

The next few days involved classes and shopping at The Loopy Ewe.   If you ever need to order yarn online and get it quickly, that’s the place to go.  Their customer service is second to none.  And yes, I did buy yarn  Duh!

The shop is filled with gorgeous yarn and quilting fabric.  This is one aisle, looking all the way back to the fabric department.  I also bought this bag.  And yes, it is true.  Just ask my kids.


I was able to take a class with the amazing Ann Budd.  Here is a photo of her with Stephanie.  They were arguing about kitchener stitch.  Ann won.!!!

I was blessed to be able to meet some wonderful people.  Knitters are the best!!!  Mom knew a few people there.  One of the ladies knew someone that I’ve had as a facebook friend for several years, but I’ve never met in person.  I’m so thrilled that we’re finally going to be able to meet in February.  That’s all I’m going to say about that right now.  Suffice it to say, it was a really great coincidence!!!

Since this is a knitting and quilting blog, I should show you something I’m working on, huh?  I mentioned in my last post that I’m working on a Mystery knitalong by Sivia Harding.  Here it is after clue three.  There are two more clues and I have a lot of yarn left.  I think it’s going to be a lot of knitting!

Speaking of knitting, it’s time to reload my coffee cup and get at it!



And Then There Was Silence

With five kids, three of them teenagers, it’s almost never silent in my house. It’s silent right now. You see, honey left me and he took the kids with him. And I’d sing the Hallelujah Chorus except that would make noise and I can’t sing.

Honey and the kids leave me once a year for a long weekend. On that weekend, a swarm of quilting and knitting women invade my house. There goes the silence!!! We remodeled our house in 1997 and rewired the basement and added lots of lighting just so I could host quilting retreats. This is the 12th annual retreat!

One good thing about this retreat is that my basement gets cleaned. Normally the basement looks like Toys-R-Us threw up! We even cleaned the carpets, thanks to my darling puppy! I’ll bet you want to see it.

This year there will be about 15 women around. I think our record is about 25. A few of them stay overnight, because some of us morons heartier souls sew until 3 AM.  We start on Thursday morning, and by Saturday evening, we can’t even see straight!

It’s amazing what you see when you look at a photo. Gotta love the 1970’s wood wall. I’ll post a photo later that will show you why we like that wood wall! I see a nice rip in my old leather couch. Gotta love those kids! There’s a broken ceiling tile too, from a ball. Oh, and the photo on the wood wall….Monsters, Inc. “We scare because we care.” And at the far end of the room is college girls room. Well, it was her room. I stole it for my Gammill quilt machine! Her bed is still there though.

I’m not sure of everything I’m working on this weekend, but I have the first project on the table by my machine. I started a two color challenge with Nicole. I’m doing mine in taupe and white.

I’m pretty excited about this quilt. I think it’s going to be really elegant.

I’ll probably pull out some projects that haven’t seen the light of day for a while. Nicole has been turning out projects like crazy lately. She’s really inspiring me to finish some projects.

I’m off to make sure everything is ready for tomorrow, and then the puppy and I are going to bed!

I love silence, but I’ll sure be happy on Sunday when the crew comes home!