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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn


On Making and Being a Bag!

Yeah, I kinda feel like I’m being an old bag.  I’ve just been out of sorts lately.  I don’t even have a reason.  And that irritates me even more, because that makes me a PWB.  That’s what we call The Genius’ dog, a Pathetic Whiny Baby.

So, I’m a PWB.  I can’t even run away to get away from myself. I’m stuck with me.

Yesterday, while I was being a bag, I decided to make a bag.  You know…do something useful, or at the very least, productive!

(Oh, great!  Now flickr decided to change everything up and it took me 10 minutes to load a photo.  I’m going to have to figure out an easier way to do this!  See???  I told you I’m a PWB!)

Anyway, I used this tutorial, and it worked great.  It’s a little bit small.  A fat quarter of fabric would be the perfect size!  I also need to get some heavier interfacing.

I won’t be buying any more of these box bags for my knitting projects!  It was really fun to make and took less than an hour.   (If you’re wondering, the lining is bright red!)   I’m sure that after I make a few more, I can pound them out pretty quickly.  I’m thinking I need to use some of the coated fabric to make a few makeup bags too!

I’m almost finished with the collar of my Cloud Chaser vest.  Monogamous knitting does not make for very interesting blog posts.  I had to resort to talking about being a PWB to have something to blog about!!!

You do know why they call it PMS, don’t you?  Because Mad Cow Disease was already taken.

And that’s not even my problem!  I’m just a PWB.

Aren’t you glad you stopped in for a visit???  Sheesh!!!  I’ll be back to my usual goofy self soon!

In the mean time, duck and cover!