Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn


A Creative Adventure

I have a new project and it’s a big one!

Our church is adding on a new kids wing.  It’s big!  It’s bright!  It will be fun.  In the front foyer, there is a massive wall that’s really boring and, dare I say, ugly.  So the other day I met with the decorator, who is also a crazy  friend.  She gave me paint swatches and walked me through the building.  We measured the wall.  I did a little math.

This quilt is going to be 12 feet by 15 feet.  Yikes!

First of all, there’s no way I’m going to put a 12 foot quilt on my longarm, so it will actually be two quilts.  Second, the entire plan is in my head.  That scares me just a little bit!

Yesterday I headed to the quilt shop.  Let me just say I love Sue at Grubers Quilt Shop!  Sue opened the quilt shop thirty years ago and shared the building with her dad’s meat market and a gas station.  When I first went there about 25 years ago, my credit card bill showed that I purchased gas from the gas station instead of quilt fabric.  My Hero got quite a kick out of that.  Everyone there is very helpful.  Or, if you’d prefer, they just leave you alone and let you make a mess pulling fabric, which is what I did!

Here’s what came home with me!

I don’t know about you, but that makes my heart sing!!!  There is so much potential in that pile of fabric!

My first step is to create the foundation of the quilt.  The bottom fourth of the quilt will be grass.  That’s what the eight green fabrics at the bottom of the stack are for.  Once I have that finished, I’ll tackle the other three fourths of the quilt.  That will all be sky.  See that t turquoise blue bunch?  Yep!  Sky!

After I have the foundation of the quilt done, it will be time to start decorating!  See the browns?  There will be a big tree.  The light tans will be a path.  And of course there needs to be sunshine, so I’ve added oranges and yellow.  The rest will be flowers, critters, birds, and kids!

And now it’s time to take a big breath and start cutting.  I’m going to go make grass.