Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn


Finally! Summer Knitting!

It’s finally showing signs of spring around here!  The other day I couldn’t take it any more and went digging for bright yarn.  I may have gotten carried away!

Oh well, I’m a process knitter.  I’m enjoying knitting it even if I don’t wear it!  The pattern is Shattered Sun by Felicia Lo. The pattern is  so beautiful in colors that normal people pick!!!  The yarn is my drug of choice,  Handmaiden Sea Silk.  I purchased a bunch of Handmaiden on ebay years ago (before ravelry!!!) and it had tags on it but no color names.

The other project I started is just as bright, but at least it’s a solid color.

The yarn I’m using for this project is Claudia’s Handpaint Silk Lace.  I bought it last year at Yarnover because it was the Pantone color of the year.  And I love orange.  The pattern is a freebie called Vernal Equinox.  I ordered beads for it, but they may match too well!

I did discover something while I’ve been working on these projects.  I really like knitting with wool and wool blends.  Yesterday, in a fit of startitis, all of this was dug out and played with.  The one on the top left is cotton, but the rest are wool, silk, and other  “winter” yarns.

I may have a plan for most of them.  Now I’ debating winding yarn, or finishing a quilt top today.

In other news, it seems to have gotten more chaotic around here.  Superblonde is home from college for the summer.  She may be height challenged, but she’s loud!  And opinionated!  And she makes everyone else around here louder!  And more opinionated!  And this family has no lack of opinions.

It’s a good thing I have yarn around here, because by the end of the summer, I may be hanging on to my sanity by a string!!!


Today’s Adventure!

Wow!!!  It’s only noon and I’ve already had an adventure!  Today’s adventure is brought to you by the letter ‘Y’.

Of course it’s yarn!  I brought The Genius to work and then stopped at Wildfiber.  As you can see, I had fun!  I didn’t mean to choose a color theme, but I kind of did nonetheless.  I only have a plan for the teal and purple skeins in the right corner.  Romi has started a Mystery KAL, and since I love everything she designs, I had to jump in.

I’ve also gotten a long ways on my Ashby shawl.  I’m almost finished with the outside border.  Then I will pick up stitches and do the center triangle.

That center section was a little tricky.  It was all done with short rows.  I did it my way first, and then ripped it out and did it the way the designer recommended.  I think when it’s blocked it will be just fine.

I was supposed to fly home early this morning, but The Genius is having trouble seeing two of everything.  She’s fine when she’s not moving and the object she’s looking at is stationary.  She’s fine doing her computer work, but driving….not so much. It’s totally normal for less than a week after surgery, but it’s disconcerting.   So I called My Hero and we decided I’d stay until Saturday.  Superblonde and a friend are coming home for spring break so they’ll pick me up on their way home.

I’ve decided that I’m going to get myself into trouble every day.  I’ll tell you about yesterdays adventure soon.  I need to work on it a bit first.  As you saw, today’s adventure was yarn!  I’m going to do a storage closet revamp for The Genius at some point.  Keeping an apartment neat is very much dependent on maximizing storage space.

I’ve spent some time the last two days sitting by the pool.  I was planning on it today, but it’s cloudy.  Or it may be the “marine layer”, which is what the locals sometimes call it.  I’m not sure what the difference is.

I also have a new favorite food.  I may eat it for lunch every day this week.

The Genius eats at Mendocino Farms a lot and I can see why!  Their salads and sandwiches are amazing.  This is not your typical rural Minnesota fast food joint!!!

As you can tell, I’m getting lots of knitting time in, but not so much quiet.  They’re putting washer and dryer units on the decks of all the apartments here, so without warning, a guy climbs a ladder up onto your deck.  They’re also gutting the apartment next door so there is lots of banging and saws going.  I’m just so thankful that the day of The Genius’ surgery, it was unexpectedly quiet.  This afternoon when the noise gets too crazy, I’ll just go for a walk.  No problem.

Ok, time to get back to all this fun craft stuff!


It’s Miss Babs Month!!!!

Since January is really cold here in Minnesota, I decided to rename it Miss Babs Month!

It started by accident.  My first finish of the month was Brickless, knit with Yowza.  I was part of the Miss Babs Knitting Tour.  Every other month we “traveled” to somewhere new.  We got a booklet with a trip itinerary, recipes, and some photos of our location.  Along with it we got yarn and a pattern.  The last location we visited vicariously was Berlin.

This was a fun, easy knit and I love the yarn Yowza.  And look at the color!!!

I’m only doing two clubs this year.  One is Socks that Rock and the other is the Miss Babs knitting tour.  She’s doing signups right now.  Go for it!

The next week, I got the stomach flu, and once I was feeling well enough to sit around and knit, I decided I wanted to work on my Shrine Road Shawl.  (I blogged it, but it fits the theme so you have get to see it again.)  This is also knit with Yowza.

A few days later, The Feisty Knitter  posted some yarn on her blog and made the comment that she had no idea what she was going to do with it.  I jokingly commented that she should sell it to me.  To make a not very long story short, I now own the yarn and its……

…..wait for it…..


When the yarn showed up at my house Ms Feisty sent it in a really cool knitting bag made with fabric with cherries on it.  I love anything with cherries!!  I meant to take a photo of it, but I forgot.  It made my day.

The pattern is called Flyaway.  It’s a simple top down sweater with some cables added.

Then the last shipment of my knitspot club showed up yesterday.  Guess where the yarn came from?   What?  Miss Babs?  Why, yes it did!  The yarn is Alpacacita, an alpaca and silk blend.  It’s laceweight and so very soft!  The pattern is a beautiful lace stole.  I just got a few rows done last night.

The color is way off on this photo.  It has a coral tint that I’m not seeing in real life.  It has a more lavender tint to it.  Anyway, it’s going to be a fun project.  There are nups in the pattern, which I hate, but I’ll just replace them with beads.  No problem!

And just in case I finish all of that, I did order yarn when I signed up for the Miss Babs club.  This is Tierno, a DK weight alpaca silk.  I already have a cardigan in mind for this.

At the quilting and knitting retreat this weekend, I also sucked my friend J into my Yowza addiction.  She bought some from me and is knitting Cassidy with hers.

And that is how it got to be Miss Babs month!  Maybe I should do this every year!!!

Oh, and Miss Babs knows nothing about this blog post and my addiction!  I did it all on my own, because I’m a happy customer.

And now I have to go get ready for a birthday party.  Superblonde turned 19 today.  She’s away at college.  And Miss In Charge turned 14 today.  She’s partying at our house tonight!!!  Yes, two birthdays on the same day.

And then I shall knit!!!