Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn


So Sweet!

I’ve been doing some baby knitting in the last few weeks.  A very good friend is having a baby girl.  I should be mature and wait to blog it until the baby is born and it’s gifted, but I just can’t wait!!!

Yes, this is for a little girl.  Her mom isn’t wild about pink, but I’m pretty sure the pearls and lace will make their point!

This was such a fun, easy sweater to knit.  The pattern is Sunnyside and it’s a free pattern on Ravelry.  The other thing that makes this such a great pattern is that it is knit with one skein of sock yarn.  I used Blue Moon Fiber Arts Lightweight in the Sky Blue colorway.  It felt pretty soft while I was knitting it, but now that it’s blocked, it’s really soft!!!

I love the picot hem on the sleeves and the hem of the sweater itself.

And of course, every girl needs pearls!!!

And, because I’m loving Minnesota in the summer, a photo of one of my pots of flowers.


I Love Lace!

Hi!  I’m still alive.  There has been a lot of knitting and spinning going on around here. However, there hasn’t been any blogging.

Today, I’m going to show you a couple of lace pieces I’ve completed.  First up is Olive Garden by Tanya Gobruseva.  It’s a free pattern on Ravelry and it was a delight to knit.  The pattern was fun, but the yarn…..heavenly!

The yarn is Grinning Gargoyle Mink Lace.  It’s 100% mink and it’s so lightweight and soft.  I purchased it in April at Yarnover and it was too heavenly to just park in my stash.  The beads were a fun addition as well.

I did change one thing in the pattern, and it wasn’t on purpose.  I knit the body of the shawl in stockinette instead of garter stitch.  I just didn’t read the pattern very carefully, but that was ok because I really don’t like garter stitch.

The next project I finished only took me six years to knit.  I started Morning Glory by Anne Hanson in 2008.

I had half of the shawl finished several years ago, but just never finished the other half.  To be really honest, it was a very hard pattern. Now that it’s finished, it was well worth it!


The yarn is Handmaiden Sea Silk, which is one of my favorite yarns of all time.  I did several extra repeats of the pattern.  It got really long, so look where it ended up.

It’s on my dining room table and I love it!!!  It’s better than folding it up and putting it in the knitwear cupboard!

And now I’m back to spinning.  I’ve been participating in the Tour de Fleece spinning event.  The goal is to spin every day of the Tour de France.  I’ve gotten a lot of spinning done!!!  There will be a post when the event is over, but I’ll give you a little glimpse.

I’ve spun everything in that bowl since July 5.  So fun!!!!

Gotta get back to the grindstone wheel!


Wait? It’s July?

I’m not really sure where the last month went.  The last time I posted was before Dreamboys graduation.  So…here’s a quick recap.

He graduated!

And then there was the party!  It rained most of the weekend, except for the four or five hours of the party.  We waited til an hour before the party started to decide whether to put tables outside or in the basement.  The sun came out and we had a gorgeous afternoon.

Let me just tell you about the food.  We didn’t get too crazy.  Dreamboy wanted brats and broccoli raisin salad.  We threw in chips and a thai pasta salad as well.  But the highlight were these!

Chocolate cupcakes filled with peanut butter mousse and chocolate ganache frosting and white cupcakes with strawberry filling and buttercreme frosting.  If you’re local and need info, call me!!!  They were fabulous!

And a picture of the fam before the party started.  Even The Genius came home for the weekend!

I’m not sure what happened to the month of June.  I was just going to sit around and knit, make meals, and do laundry.  The sit around and knit part hasn’t happened a whole lot!

My Hero and I had comprehensive physicals that led to more tests for me, which turned out to be nothing.  That’s good, but I sure wasted lots of time figuring it out!

Kids had dentist appointments and eye appointments.

I was handed a decorating project which was supposed to be just a little carpet and paint.  Ha!!!

Ms In Charge had three weeks of drivers ed.  Now she wants to drive.  All.  The.  Time.

Frankie visited Grandpa and Grandma.  When he’s home, he mows lots of lawns.

Superblonde is working on a couple of college classes.  She really hates math!

Dreamboy is working with Dad and Uncle.

The Genius is back at work, fighting for justice.

This week, a lot of my family is around, so we’re going to just hang out and enjoy all that chaos!

And, yes.  I’m knitting.  And spinning.  But right now I’m going to go make two huge pans of chicken enchiladas for dinner tonight!



Cleaning is Overrated!

We spent our weekend trying to get our house and yard ready for a graduation party next weekend.  My house is never all clean at the same time.  And it seems like there’s a pile of junk in every room that I don’t know what to do with.  Actually, the main problem is that I just don’t care if my house is perfect.

Here is how my mornings have begun since it finally decided to be summer in Minnesota.

Now that I’m at that “certain” age, I’m awake at about 6 AM.  I’ve always been a night person, and I’d love nothing more than to sleep until noon.  I’ve finally just embraced the early mornings by taking my coffee, knitting, and my sidekick and going outside.  It’s been cool enough that I’ve taken a blanket out with me a few mornings.  It’s very peaceful and a great way for a non-morning person to slowly become human!

It’s also time for this!!!

I love my cold press coffee in the summer.  Just add a little milk and some good creamer and it’s heaven in a glass over ice!

I couldn’t sit outside this morning because it was raining, so I did this instead:

I’ll try to get a glamour shot and details to you later this week.

I guess I’d better go tackle all those little piles around my house.

I’d rather knit!!!!


Knit Swirl!

I love color!  And I particularly love it when it’s combined well!  (All the photos are a bit bright.  It’s been a long time since we’ve had sun.  My hair isn’t really that orange.  I hope!)

I finished my Coat of Many Colors.  In 17 days.  I’m not sure I’ve ever been so addicted to a knitting project.

I purchased the kit last fall when I was in Friday Harbor, Washington with my mom and The Genius.  I kept thinking about starting it, but if you’ve seen the book, the pattern looked pretty daunting.

About three weeks ago, I saw a woman wearing hers and I couldn’t believe how gorgeous it was.  I went home and wound the yarn and started knitting.

As it turns out, this sweater was really easy to knit.  Once I got started, I read stupid novels on my Kindle while I knit.  The only thing that was a pain was on every other welt, the colors changed ever other row and I spit spliced each color change.  It was well worth it, because when I was finished, I had three ends to weave in and you can’t find where it was.

And it twirls!!!  I remember when my girls were little, they loved twirly dresses.

Pattern:  Coat of Many Colors by Sandra McIver from the Knit, Swirl book.

Yarn:  Mountain Colors Twizzle.  It was a kit with 11 skeins of yarn in it.  The colorway is Clematis.

Needles:  Size 5.  I had to go down two sizes to get gauge.

And, just for fun, here’s how it looked when it was blocking.

I already have plans to knit three more of these.  I want to knit one with Noro Silk Garden.  I also have the yarn to do an Emerald Green one with Sundara yarn.  I never knit a pattern twice, so now you know how much I enjoyed this project.

It looks like it’s going to be raining for the third Monday in a row.  Perfect for napping this afternoon, since it’s 5:30 AM and I’m awake.

Have a great week!

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I Should Have Procrastinated!!!

So, in my last post I told you how happy I was to have all my planting done?

Yeah!  As it turns out, I should have procrastinated.

Every pot that could be moved into the house has taken up residence in my kitchen.  And there are sheets and beach towels covering everything that couldn’t be moved.  It was supposed to freeze last night.  I don’t think it did, but I didn’t want to take that chance.  I think they’re staying inside until Friday.  Oh, well!

In other news, I blocked the Coat of Many Colors ad 3:00 AM on Tuesday!

It was dry this morning, so my next project is to seam it.  That won’t take long.  As cold as it is in the morning, I could probably wear it!!!

And, because it’s been a very long winter here, I have more flower photos.  They’re my flowers from My Hero for Mother’s Day.

I didn’t notice until I uploaded the photo, but one of Dreamboy’s grad photos is in the bottom right hand corner.

The roses in this bouquet are amazing!

Gotta go!  I have a sweater to finish!

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Rainy Days and Mondays…Again?

Yep, my last post was on Monday and it was raining.  It’s Monday and it’s raining again!!!  Some parts of the country are in such a severe drought, that I won’t complain though.  It’s stayed really cold here, so the trees are just starting to bud, but our lawn is so green, it almost hurts your eyes!

First up, a lovely photo of my Mother’s Day corsage.  I wore it to church, and later in the day, on my sweats as I was knitting.

Mother’s Day is kind of a big deal around here because My Hero makes sure of it. I became a mom after we’d been married for three years, which sounds pretty reasonable, except that we would have been parents by our first anniversary if it had been our plan.  After two miscarriages, Mother’s Day was pretty hard.  Then we had The Genius.  After her, we lost three more babies, and two were at about 20 weeks, a little boy and a girl.  Those were Mother’s Days feeling grateful for our daughter, but still with holes in our hearts from those losses.

So…after all of that, and then five kids, Mother’s Day is a big deal.  I’m so thankful to have the job of Mom!!!  Dreamboy even displayed his leadership skills and got me roses from all the kids.

So now that I’ve set the stage for Mother’s Day, I’ll be you’re thinking I sat around and knit and ate chocolate.


I hauled My Hero outside and we, with a little help from Frankie, got all of our flowers planted.  And the flower beds are even mulched already.

Now I’m just praying that the temperature doesn’t drop below 35 degrees the next three nights.

I’ve also been knitting.  I know!  Shocking, right???  (Along with laundry, cooking, grad party planning, gardening, and cleaning stuff.)  I started a major project two weeks ago, and it’s almost done.  My plan is to finish the second sleeve tonight and then get it blocked.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a project that I’m so excited about.  And I won’t be able to wear it til fall.  I promise I’ll post later this week with finished photos.

Now I’m going to make a big pot of chili and go knit.

And yes, it’s still raining.


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