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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn


Lazy Days and Snowstorms

So…it’s April.  We’re supposed to get 6-10 inches of snow overnight.  I’m thinking that may translate into a snow day for the kids tomorrow.  And that’s ok, because we’ve been busy and it would be nice to have a lazy day.

I’ve been industrious for part of the morning.  I did get my closet cleaned up.  I don’t know why I procrastinate on emptying my suitcase (a college visit for Dreamboy) and putting away laundry.  But it’s done.

Now I’m sitting on my unmade bed with my sidekick and my new coffee mug.

The quilt is actually the back side of my Christmas quilt.  I have a new quilt ready for my bed.  It just needs binding.  Yeah, binding.

So let me tell you about my mug.  It’s done by Jennie The Potter.  I’ve been trying to get one of her mugs for at least five years.  I finally caught one of her Etsy updates.  I got this mug with the red skein of yarn.  There’s a black sheep on the other side of the mug.  I also got a mug with a blue tandem bike on it.  My Hero and I bought a blue tandem the first year we were married.  We still have it 28 years later and it’s in great shape!

Yes, the mug does make my coffee taste even better.  The Cold Stone creamer doesn’t hurt either.  And yes, Georgie Girl loves coffee too!

I suppose you’re wondering what’s up with the beads in the last post.  I’ve never done a wordless post before and it almost killed me.  I like to talk.  I purchased a kit from Betsy Harshberger.  (She also has a new book out and it’s fabulous!!!  I talked about it here!)  I sat down Monday afternoon and a few hours later, I had this!


This was a really fun project and it looks so elegant on!  The kit contains everything you need to make the project except the size 1 knitting needles.  Now that I’ve made one, I’m going to have to do more.  It would be fun in bright colors as well.  If you don’t want to invest in a kit, you can purchase just the pattern from Betsy.  Also included in the pattern is a tutorial on how to string the beads.  Once I got started, it was pretty simple!

Since my unmade bed reminded me of my new quilt, I’m going to go sew the binding on it.  A night of snow and handstitching might just be the perfect combination.


Back To Reality

We had a great ski trip to Big Sky, Montana.  After the day of 15-20 inches of snow, the skiiers had a fabulous week!  I was head cook.  My sister was head dish washer, along with the kids.  One niece was head green smoothie maker.  The two dads supervised all of the skiing and snowboarding, and the kids kept the hot tub occupied.

Before we left yesterday, I threatened sweetly asked the kids for a family photo.

I still have this picture in my head of five little people.  This photo is almost shocking to me.  They’re turning into amazing human beings.  Loud and opinionated, but amazing.

There was some knitting on the trip, between playing chef.  I finished Brickless.

This fiber

Was spun into this yarn (In April 2011):

And was wound into this ball:

And became Brickless by Martina Behm:

This is a wrap that is so very easy to knit.  It was also very enjoyable because of all the color changes.  When I looked at the skein of yarn, I thought it would be bright and obnoxious.  Now that it’s finished, I really like it!  I’m pretty sure it will be a spring staple with my jean jacket.

I also had an opportunity to visit another small yarn shop, right at the ski resort in Big Sky.  It’s called CR.eations 2.  I think the shop was 12 x 12.  It’s probably the smallest shop I’d ever been in, but it was extremely neat, and packed with gorgeous yarn!!!  I’ve already started one project with yarn purchased from Christine.  I bought yarn for three projects, and could have easily gotten yarn for three more.  She and I had a lot of fun!  She also has an etsy shop!

My reality today is pretty great.  It’s silent in my house!!!  My only goal today is to unpack my suitcase and make dinner.  I shouldn’t be tired after a vacation, but I am.  

I’m off to see what is hidden in the freezer.  I really don’t want to go to the grocery store today.



A Perfect Snow Day

I’m a happy girl today!  We’re hanging out at my second favorite place in the whole world.  (My favorite place is at home!)  My Hero and I and all of our kids are here, as well as my sister and her family.

Where are we, you ask???  Big Sky, Montana.  Yesterday was a gorgeous, blue sky day, but today it’s snowing like crazy.  According to the forecast, we were supposed to get 1-3 inches today.  We’ve already had well over a foot of snow and it’s supposed to snow all night.  The skiers and snowboarders are pretty excited for tomorrow.

I did a fun project today.  I knit earrings.

I purchased a book called Betsy Beads: Confessions of a Left Brained Knitter.  There are a lot of projects in the book that I’m really excited to make.  Before we left on vacation, I went through the book and grabbed some beads and yarn to try a few things.  

I used leftover Handmaiden Sea Silk and some seed beads.  They’re just strips knit with beads and then sewn on some cheap hoops.  I wasn’t sure if they were going to be “craft nerdy” or really cool.  I’ve decided I like them.

The rest of the knitting projects I took along are all handspun.  I’ll post more in a few days.  Right now I need to go stare at the snow.


Oh, The Possibilities!!!

I have this humongous, 700 yard skein of yarn sitting here.


So much potential. So much color. Crud! The Genius is going to call it Rainbow Yarn Barf, but I don’t care!

I keep thinking of this book.


It’s all about potential! And the fact that I love Dr Seuss!

Maybe I should make this coat.


Or maybe I should just go to bed because clearly, this is the weirdest post I’ve ever done.

I’m dreaming in color tonight!

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Spinning On Vacation

What???  You don’t take a spinning wheel on vacation?  How very strange.  More on that in a minute.

My Hero and I are in Florida.  He’s being educated, and I’m goofing off.  Does that mean he’s smarter than I, or was I already smarter, and therefore don’t need more education?  Anyway…

Superblonde spend the weekend with us.  She and I goofed off while My Hero was in school, and then we’d go out for dinner at night.  On Saturday, we had some serious fun.

It’s really easy to go to Epcot with just one kid.  It was a fabulous day.  Except for dinner.  We had reservations to eat at China.  We were surrounded by screaming, hysterical toddlers…and their parents.  It was 8 PM and they were tired.  Both the parents and the toddlers.  It was almost impossible to have a conversation.  Fortunately, the food was decent.

We decided that rather than carry around jackets all day, we’d just get new sweatshirts at the end of the day.  And no, we didn’t get matching ones.

When she was a little girl, Superblonde sounded like Minnie Mouse and when she got excited, we called her Minnie Mouse on Helium.  So this sweatshirt is very appropriate.

Superblonde headed back to school today.  I took her to the airport this morning at 5 AM.  Yes, I went back to bed!!!  I did finish spinning this when I woke up.

It’s not quite that bright in real life.  It’s going to look like the sunset when I ply it this afternoon.

Here is some spinning I did on Thursday night when we got here.  I had some black wool with little bits of red in it.  The tag was gone, so I don’t know what it was.  Suffice it to say, it was kind of yucky, with felted bits in it.  I then plied it with some leftover merino silk from the yarn in this post.

I actually really like it now.  I have 180 yards.  It might make a nice hat, except that I never wear hats.

My Hero is done with school at the end of the day, and then we have a couple of days to actually hang out.  We can actually have a conversation without a teenager around.  I’m looking forward to it.  After almost 28 years, I still really like the guy.

And now, this ice cold Minnesotan needs to head outside to soak up some Florida sunshine.



The Irony Of Spinning

I really do love spinning yarn.  It’s quiet and methodical.  It’s relaxing, but doesn’t leave you with a headache like margaritas would.  I love watching colors twist and blend.  It gives me time to think.  My kids friends think it’s cool.

But it creates more yarn, while allowing for less knitting.

Quite a while ago, I started spinning some fiber called Millefiore by All Spun Up.  It’s probably the most gorgeous fiber I’ve ever seen.

I think I had 24 ounces of it.  I spun half of it into three ply and I don’t love it.  It’s spun too tightly.  My plan is to run it through the wheel to take a bit of ply out of it.  But that’s for another day.

I decided to spin 12 ounces of it as a two ply.  It seemed to take forever.  Unlike the way I knit, with 50 projects going all the time, I’m a monogamous spinner.  Almost.  I did a bunch of stuff in between working on this, but I only ever have two spinning projects going at a time.

After the Olympics, I got groceries, did laundry, and decided to finish up this spinning project.

I ended up with 1060 yards.  I haven’t played with it yet, but I suspect it’s light fingering.  It hasn’t talked to me to tell me what it wants to be, but it’s going to soon!  I hope.

After that, I decided it was time to clean up bobbins.  Any leftovers I have, I navajo ply onto one bobbin.  It’s kinda like a scrap quilt, only it’s yarn.  Here’s what I ended up with.

Can I tell you how much I love this mishmash of color???  It’s 360 yards.  I’ve got a couple more skeins somewhere that I’ve done with leftovers.  I started a scarf, but now I’m rethinking this.  I’m wondering if it should be the start of a blanket.

I’ve got a few more fun spinning projects lined up.  I’m hoping they won’t take as long as the last one.  I’m planning to spin some worsted weight and that will go much more quickly.

And the yarn multiplies…..


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