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My Kind of Test


I like this kind of test. I’m testing a lace pattern. Susan Pandorf is designing a pattern a month, based on the flowers in her garden. Last month was Crocus and the June one will be Iris. Go take a look. (Scroll down. It’s the darker shawl.) I promise it will be worth your while.

Last week, after Susan contacted me, I started digging through my lace stash. I had a bunch of beads but had to find yarn to match. So this is what I came up with:

It’s Handmaiden Sea Silk. If you haven’t tried it, you’re going to want to put it on your list. I love it. Here’s a closeup of the beads:

Let me just tell you that there are 5,000 beads in this thing. I just realized that there were supposed to be two rows of beads along the bottom instead of just one. There went 83 beads!!!

I’ve decided one thing about Susan, the designer. She’s either a genius or she’s crazy. It’s a fine line between the two. If you took the time to look at all of her things, she puts beads in everything. I’m thinking that’s crazy! Her projects are all absolutely gorgeous.

Having said that, I need to find out what kind of crochet hook she uses. I’ve beaded before, but this little piece almost drove me nuts. The Sea Silk kept splitting when I’d try to put the bead on. I’m thinking my crochet hook is too small. So I ordered a couple more hooks.

In the mean time, being the diligent tester that I am, I pulled out some more lace yarn.

This is 100% cashmere by Jade Sapphire, from Little Knits. I was very disappointed when I got this yarn. I didn’t think red, rust, and burgundy went together at all. I just put it away and forgot about it. On Saturday evening (during the Nascar race) I pulled it out and restarted Iris.

I thought it was OK. It felt heavenly to knit. Then I knit more.

I started liking it more and more as I went along. It’s a total different look than the beaded version, but it’s good. I’ll probably wear it with a jean jacket. It’s really a lot of fun to knit too, and it went very quickly without the beads.

OK, so maybe Susan isn’t crazy. I’m thinking she’s a genius. And as soon as my new crochet hooks arrive, I’m going back to the beaded version.

So, go buy Crocus, and then next month you can do Iris. And who knows what she’s got planned after that. I’m certainly going to be waiting!

Stay tuned for more on Seasons of Lace. The blog creators are working feverishly to get everything set up and running smoothly. I’m going to finish so much stuff!

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5 thoughts on “My Kind of Test

  1. oooh they seem tremendously exciting although I have not tackled beading yet, are they strung or is it the crochet hook variety of beading?

  2. Umm… while I think the Swarovski Crystal flash drives are really cool, I was hoping to see more of Susan’s lace patterns (can you fix the link, please?). I love beads in lace and need more patterns!

  3. I know Susan and she is crazy! The amazing thing is the designing and all the knitting is not the only thing she does. Every time I see her she has something new that I am wanting to swipe out of her bag while she isn’t looking. And the yarn she uses!!!! I do like the look of that first one with the beads. You did such a great job of matching them. Can’t wait to see them both finished!

  4. Very beautiful: both lace projects. Thanks for the link to the designer.

  5. Lovely!
    I haven’t done a lot of beaded stuff, but I think you want a flexible beading needle. They are thin, thin, thin(!), and have a large hole which is easy for threading your yarn, but the hole collapses when you put the bead over.

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